Monday, February 16, 2009

Just Write

So, I have been wondering something lately; how do you find the time to write?

I came across some good advice recently: time is not 'found', time is made. I think this is very true. You can't just go through your scheduled day hoping that a free hour or two will pop up and you can finally settle down in front of your computer. You have to make time to write- writing should be part of your schedule, not something you shove into the "free time" around it. If you are serious and dedicated then you should be able to make some time for yourself to work on your writing.

Look at it this way: writing is an investment. Your manuscript isn't going to magically improve and be flawless. Like anything else, you need to put in the time and effort to really make it work. Yes, it's hard. Yes, it's really, really hard. But nothing worth having is going to come easy. It's just not realistic.

If you invest enough time and effort into your work, it will pay off. Maybe not tomorrow, maybe not this year, but eventually, you have to believe that it will. And the payoff isn't necessarily getting published, though that's what most of us hope for in the end. First and foremost you should be writing for yourself, and even if your manuscript ends up tucked into a drawer somewhere, it'll still be worth it. Finishing a novel is an incredible accomplishment, and while it may not be "good enough" or "marketable enough" you should still be proud over what you have done.

So schedule yourself an hour or two each day to write. Turn off the TV, turn off your instant messaging, and whatever you do stay the hell away from Youtube.

Just write. And in the end, all your hard work will be worth it. Promise.


  1. The really difficult bit, I find, is scheduling what you do with the writing time. Do you blog? And how much? And how much time do you schedule for more creative writing? It does become very difficult at times.

  2. I have tried to make a scared writing time, but it never seems to pan out. Writing is my reward for getting school and work done (and my procrastination for cleaning :P )

    I like how you say that writing is an investment. I totally agree. That's a good way to look at it.

  3. I drag my sorry butt out of bed at 5:00 am so I can make those hours appear. :) It truly is an investment!

  4. Great advicce... hard to take though.

    I make time every other day, I find it works better for me.