Sunday, February 1, 2009


Untouched total word count for January: 14,800

Which isn't horrible for a month's time, but I should have been able to write much, much more. I had the time. Instead of vegging on the couch with a pint of B&J's Half Baked ice cream I should have been writing. Instead of sitting around on my days off watching House re-runs I should have been writing. Instead of making excuses about not being 'inspired' enough to write, well, dammit, I SHOULD HAVE BEEN WRITING.

Because horrible writing is better than no writing. You can spruce up horrible writing. You can give it a makeover- new clothes, new style, smooth over those blemishes, run a comb through those tangles. Yes, horrible writing (something, ANYTHING) can be improved. No writing can be... nothing'd. Yes, nothing'd.

So, clearly, I need some goals.

My current position of 'work on it- later; finish it- sometime' is obviously not moving me along at the rate I want to be going. I'm on a freaking bicycle trying to keep pace with airplane. And not one of those dinky little airplanes that fly in and out of tiny towns to deliver mail and such. I'm talking about an F-16 Fighter Falcon military plane or something. Something fast. And it's leaving me behind in the swirls of dust that are the quickly fading proof that it was ever within reach at all.

And the solution is: GOALS! But feasible, broken down goals.

Long term goal: Finish the WIP Untouched.
Specifics: Finish 1st draft by the end of March, revisions and more revisions in April. I want to have Untouched shiny and polished and brilliantly sparkling by the beginning of May. Possible? Yes. Difficult? Hell yes.

Break it down: (Mini-goals. Goalsies, if you will.)
1. Write everyday. Try to average about 1,000 words per day.
2. Don't worry too much about editing and revising. Save that headache for April.
3. Even if writing seems daunting, or undesirable, write something. Something can be fixed. Nothing can only be nothing'd.
4-15. Finish chapters 4-15. Yes, each chapter is a standalone goal. Take it one chapter at a time. It's easy to look at a mountain and feel intimidated. Look closer and see the footholds carved into the side. This mountain is climbable- you just have to breathe, and take it all in stride.
16. Prevent brain from imploding. An aneurysm would seriously hinder my dreams of becoming a published author. Like, seriously.
17. Try not to get distracted by other WIPs. It's hard to stay focused on one set of characters when others are practically climbing out of the note pages clamoring to be heard. They're not going anywhere, though- let them chill on that outline page. They'll still be there when the current project is finished and it's time to return to drawing board. (Writing board? ...Nah, not as catchy. Too bad. Drawing board it is, then.)

Good luck to anyone else currently climbing that mountain. And to those of you who have reached the top: I'm. So. Effing. Jealous. But seriously, good job. Save me a spot at the top!

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  1. Hey Kat! Thanks for stopping by my blog. That first MS is definitely a mountain (mine took a year and a half). Keep going. You can do it!

    And you're so totally right. You can't do a thing with nothing:)