Friday, February 13, 2009

Catch Up

Untouched word count @ 25,600.

Every time I post a blog I like to start off with my updated word count, because I'm very proud of the progress I am making. So right now you might be thinking, "Wait, you haven't posted a word count update in, like, three days. What's up with that?"

Nope, it's not a mistake. I didn't forget. I was SLACKING OFF. Which was really, really bad, because not only was my manuscript not getting any love, but I felt bad about not writing and not meeting my goals.

So I grabbed a red bull, kicked my boy friend out of the house so I would have peace to write, and settled down in front of the computer screen. Five hours later, after many distractions involving Youtube and CC, I have pounded out 2,600 words that aren't utter crap! (I think.) Yay!

I still have a bit more to go. According to my goals I should be at 27,800 by the end of today, so we'll see how that goes.

But really I'm just glad I'm getting back into the swing of things. Since I've been feeling a little sick lately I haven't felt that my brain was working at full capacity. Hopefully that has changed. And hopefully I didn't just come down with an insane fever and hallucinate writing so much.

And now I'm contemplating what is real, and what is a dream.

Is life just a dream? A beautiful, horrible, elaborate dream?


<3 Kat


  1. You are making great progress on your word count! 2600 words in one sitting is great. Good luck with hitting your goal!

  2. My brain never works at full capacity. :(

    Good job on the progress! I certainly would like to kick people out of the house sometimes so I can write, but I can't do that. They're my family. They'd feel bad. :(

    Keep up the great work! And glad you're over at CC!