Monday, February 9, 2009

Break it Off

My little break ended up being waaaaay extended. Since that last post, I have written one more sentence on Untouched. One sentence. One.

I feel a little sad that I missed my 1,000 words/day for a couple days, but I needed the break. I was really sick one day, then the next day was my birthday (yay, I'm older now! Er, maybe 'yay' is the wrong word...) Then, because I made the dumb mistake of drinking on my birthday, I became more sick. But, come on, it was my birthday!

So I will need to make up for lost time. I had a couple days for my story to marinate in brain juice, and it is time to be written.

As soon as I comment on all the blog posts I've missed for the last three days! (Which is a lot. Man, you guys can post!)



  1. Happy birthday. We all go through "unproductive days." Mine was yesterday. I blame it on the weather, and babies screaming at the library.

  2. Happy B-day, Kat. Now get cracking!

    *snaps whip like a lion tamer*

  3. I took a week break and came back to 170 posts to read! Somehow, I caught up on all of them. :)

    You are doing great. Please don't let your goals get in the way of your creativity, if that makes any sense at all.

    Happy Birthday!

  4. Thanks for the Bday wishes guys! I had a great one!

    And Hook, that lion tamin' whip is *exactly* what I need right now. I'm distracting myself with everything and anything because for some reason I'm just not feeling it. But I must write- I must! ...Right after I dust my ceiling.