Friday, February 6, 2009

Day Off

Untouched word count: 21,800.

Woot! Now that I've made it through the first 20K the rest doesn't seem nearly as intimidating. My goal of having this novel polished and pristine by May is seeming more and more likely every day. Sometimes it's a pain to drag myself to the computer and write when I don't quite feel like it, but man, it's paying off. I feel great about the progress I am making.

Between writing and researching, (today I studied up on the Empire State Building, Desiderata by Max Ehrmann, and La Quinta hotel) I'm in need of a break from this glaring computer screen. Maybe I'll come back and write some more after I complete my quest for something edible.

Yay, writing!



  1. wow congrats on 20K, i wish i was that far on my writing. well done!

    Anyhoo i'm sorry if this is a bit out of the blue, but i've started a writer's forum
    where aspiring authors etc. can come and chat and discuss topics and ideas and basically help each other.

    I love blogging but it can be both hard to get a readership and connect with them so i thought a community forum would be a great way to network.

    The forum is only starting out but i'm hoping it will grow,

    I'd really appreciate it if you could take the time and have a look around.

    thanks emily.

  2. Take a break, you deserve it! And wait until you 50k. Then things really start flying! Good luck. :)

  3. Great progress! You've earned a break.

  4. Every day counts. A little at a time and eventually you'll see it adds up :)

  5. Congrats! I'm a slow writer, so on my last WIP I'd have a mini-celebration every 10,000 words. Then again, they were mostly booze related, so maybe I was just looking for excuses to drink.