Monday, February 21, 2011


I'm editing. It's maddening.

My tendency to swing between cheerfully loving it and wanting to give up and become an accountant has never been so extreme. Usually these mood swings take place over weeks, or days at the least.

Yesterday at 11:00 I was all ecstatic, THIS IS THE BEST BOOK EVER, Oprah's gonna have to do another season just to interview me!

And by 11:05 I was curled up in bed because the book is so bad and I'm never going to be a real author because all my ideas are TOTAL CRAP and why are my characters talking about nuns? THERE ARE NO NUNS IN MY BOOK.

This particular moment, I'm kinda in between. I feel good about it today, but I also feel like it is going to take SO MUCH WORK. Hence, procrastination in the form of a blog post.

Only... I'm in editing mode, so it's hard for me to think in blog mode. But the meager three posts here in two months haunts me. So I must blog. With nothing to blog about.

So I'll just leave you guys with something I wrote then had to cut because I felt it was a little over the top for the character. But perhaps it will amuse you? I hope so.

I've got to stop thinking about Jack. About his lips. About kissing him.

I just have to get over this little crush, and fast. I mean, it's not even a real crush, never was. I'm already over it. There was barely even anything to get over, anyway. He is my dead best friend's older brother. I'm not even sure there's etiquette about this sort of thing, but if there is I can only imagine one word: DON'T.

So I won't. It's not like it's a problem. It's not like it isn't as simple as rolling over and forgetting all about him and his stupid lips and going right to sleep. I twist around and bury my face in my pillow. Okay, now... sleep. Just fall asleep. Any second now. Come on, Liv. Think about pleasant things. Like puppies, and a meadow full of purple flowers, and fresh white sheets blowing in the wind, and soft down feathers. And kissing Jack.

NO. Bad Liv.

I groan, and flip onto my back. Apparently my list of pleasant thoughts breaks down into two categories: Jack, and things found in laundry detergent commercials.

God I am never going to sleep.