Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Poem For A Neglected Blog

My poor little blog
I wrote you a poem but
it's not good. Sorry.

(and i'm still busy revising so all i could manage was a haiku. sorry about that too.)

Fun Fact: Haiku spelled backward is Ukiah, the name of the city I live in.

More soon*

*more blog posts, not more crap poetry.

Saturday, April 2, 2011


I have reached the halfway point of my massive revision! Woo hoo! *celebrates*

I do hope the revision on the second half moves along a little faster. I think it will, because half of my total revision time was spent on the opening chapters. And I think I've finally gotten them down. In fact, I re-read the first chapter every week or so and the only change I've made to it in months was removing a comma. Which I later put back in again.

So yeah. The first half is done at just over 30K and I think the second half will be a little longer (I'm counting by chapters and acts, not word count). The finished ms will probably be close to 70K words. Which is nice, considering my NaNoWriMo draft closed out at 26K.

Because I outline, I thought revisions would be cake. But the revision cake is a lie. Thus far I have:

Added one major character and two minor characters.
Added four new chapters.
Completely changed the inciting incident.
Completely re-worked the fantastical aspects.

And I still have a lot to do. Not only do I have to completely revise every scene of the second half so it works with all the above changes, but I also have to add another four chapters and fix the entire last act, ten chapters of which are written like so:

"At a party or something with friends. What happened to the family? Still learning, getting better at managing. Ends with lots of potential."

[That is the actual last chapter in its entirety. I know. It's bad.]

I'm setting a tentative goal of finishing by the end of June. I think I'll be able to revise the second half faster than the first. Especially now that the groundwork is all in place.

But I still have lots and lots to do. It's a good thing I love this story so much. Sometimes it's hard to get myself to work on it, but usually I'm just excited about it. I want to finish it. I want to make it amazing. And I want to share it. (I really want to share it. I cannot wait to send the completed ms to my crit partners. Like, seriously cannot wait. Jade's already read 14 chapters.)

Anyway. Here's my bi-monthly blog letting y'all know I'm still alive and revising. What have you guys been up to?