Wednesday, February 4, 2009

How I Write

It's a little bit hard to motivate myself to work on Untouched at the moment. The reason is, I'm not looking forward to writing the current scene. It's sad, and I hate being mean to my characters. So the typical advice would be: skip that scene, and start on the next. Just come back to it later.

But I don't really like that idea. See, when I write I have to go straight through, from start to finish. I can't write the scenes separately then merge them all together. It always ends up feeling disjointed.

Besides, the scenes that I would be skipping are pertinent to character development in ways that I can't fully see until the scenes have actually been written. (If that makes sense?) I'd be too detached from my characters. Also, I'm right there experiencing the story with them- I can't just jump ahead of myself, these are important scenes that need to happen.

These scenes are just so sad and depressing, though; it's hard to motivate myself to write them.

Gotta suck it up. Those 1,000 words aren't going to write themselves.

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  1. You don't like being mean to your characters, huh? I loooove to torture my characters! They keep me up way too often for me to treat them nice, hehe. :)