Thursday, November 5, 2009

NaNoWriMo: Day 5

Blood Ties @ 50,032
Plural of Love @ 8,442

Weeee! I've broken fifty thousand words with Blood Ties! This makes me very happy.

Also, I sent the first ten chapters (I just finished chapter 11) to my critique partner and she liked it! Woo hoo! It's not total crap! Plus, I wrote about four thousand words today! Yay! Time to celebrate by eating and showering!

This post is rather bland. Here's some filler! I mean, an excerpt!

* * * * * * * * * *

Since it took me all of five minutes to get ready, it's still dark outside and Tristan's not yet here. It's not snowing anymore, though from the waist high drifts it looks like it went all night. I decide to climb a tree and wait for him. Up in the branches I find a comfortable place to settle, free from leaves poking me in the eye and sticks stabbing my back. I watch the sun rise over the mountains and I wait.

He arrives right on time, the sun is still dragging itself over the horizon. He stands at the cave entrance, his breath making little clouds as he exhales, arms crossed, waiting for me. He doesn't notice my footprints. Doesn't see me hiding, a patch of brown high up in the snow covered branches. I smile to myself and make him wait for a couple minutes before I swing out of the tree, abruptly dropping myself into a large pile of snow right beside him.

He shouts and falls backward, burying himself in slush and getting drenched in the process. His attempt to give me a scornful look only makes me laugh, and then he's gathering handfuls of snow, packing it together in a big, fluffy ball. He hurls it my way, but I'm too quick. I have more practice dodging things that could hurt me. So I duck out of the way and his snowball flies over my head and explodes against a tree.

I pop my head back up. “Good morning, Tristan,” I say through another laugh.

“Is it?” he grumbles. But I can see he's trying hard not to smile. And this makes me happy. This right here, right now. Laughing, smiling, playing. Like we're friends. I mean, I suppose we are friends, now. And I think I kind of like that.

“Ready to get started?” I ask casually, like we're not about to plot a murder.

“Sure thing,” he replies in the same tone.

* * * * * * * * * *

Weeeee! Hope your NaNo-ing is going well!

<3 Kat


  1. Hitting 4K in a day is huge. Good for you!

  2. I LOVE your excerpt. It's so vivid and voice-y and I feel like I could read this book in a day straight.

    Yay, NaNo!

  3. You are a word count champ. I consider myself lucky if I get 3000K written in one sitting! I love the excerpt ... present tense is quickly becoming my favorite to read.

  4. Did you do the 50k dance? I sure hope so.

    I love your filler, I mean excerpt. Murder you say. Intrigued...

  5. Great excerpt! And 4K in a day? Are your fingers on fire?