Monday, November 2, 2009

NaNoWriMo: Day 2

Blood Ties @ 46,165
Plural @ 3,582

I actually did all my writing between midnight and 4AM today. Which was nice, because I slept til noon and worked til 7:30PM. Also, since my writing goals were already met for the day I didn't have to worry or stress about where I would find time to write. I plan to spend the rest of the evening relaxing with my boyfriend, then when he goes to sleep, I'll start writing again. I like writing at late at night. Everything is nice and quiet. Peaceful.

Plural is going a little better. This is the first story I've ever attempted to write without an outline, I just a vague idea of what I want to happen. Already it's surprising me. I thought the main character's parents were going to have minimal face time, but no, they want their time in the spotlight. And at first I thought the MC had an older brother who was a total slacker. But no again! Turns out my MC wants a little ten-year-old sister who loves soccer.

Still, I don't know how I feel about Plural. Usually when I read back a scene I can tell if it's good or bad or needs work. I've learned to look at it objectively. But that's really, really hard to do with this story for some reason. Which is pretty weird considering how detached I feel from it. I should be completely objective! But when I re-read it I can't tell if it's good or bad.

Blood Ties is still going good. I'm writing the buildup to the HUGE twist.I'm not sure how readers will take it, because I want it to be an OMG! surprise, but not a what-the-heck-where-did-that-come-from? surprise. Mostly I worry that the little hints sprinkled throughout make it obvious, and not a surprise at all. We shall see. I have one awesome beta reader (Hi Ina!) but I'd like a couple different opinions, so when I'm finished I'll try to find someone else I can bribe with candy--- I MEAN SOMEONE WHO WANTS TO READ MY BOOK BECAUSE THEY LIKE THE PREMISE AND THAT IS ALL.

So that's how I spent my second day of NaNoWriMo. How did you guys do? Ahead of your goals? Falling behind? Stress eating left over candy?



  1. Hi Kat :)

    I'm ahead of the official word count goal, but I keep reminding myself to keep the ball rolling. I'm starting to panic, but I'm loving the ride! :)

    Glad to hear of your success. I love rewards-I'll blog about that this morning.

  2. I like writing at night the best too; no interruptions. Everyone's asleep, especially the puppy, which provides for a lot of uninterrupted hours.

  3. Plural sounds interesting! I'm excited to see how writing without an outline works out for you in the long run. As for Blood Ties, I'm DYING to read what happens next :)

  4. Sounds like things are going well. I wish I could write late at night, but I'm always too tired. The puppies are early risers.

    I'd certainly love to read it if you ever need a pair of extra eyes. I'm also intrigued to see how Plural goes since you're doing something different. I've already experimented and I can't write with an outline!

  5. Congrats! I am ahead so far, but I was lazy last night and didn't write at all. I guess by tomorrow I'll be on track lol.