Wednesday, November 4, 2009

NaNoWriMo: Day 4

Blood Ties @ 48,111
Plural @ 6,790

Wow, BT is almost at 50K! That's awesome. It's just past halfway done, so it is looking to be a longish novel. I'll have to edit it down in revisions, as my goal is somewhere between 75-80K.

Plural is going okay. It's certainly... interesting. It too is looking like it's going to be longer than I originally planned. We shall see.

Not much to say today. I have tomorrow off, and my goal is to break 50K with BT so perhaps I'll have something exciting to share then! For tonight I will give you a picture of my workspace from Day 3. I bought a 105 piece bag of candy the day before Halloween. I'm impressed it lasted three days. I'm also impressed I'm not in a sugar coma right now.

(Yes, those are all empty wrappers.)

(Yes, I need to clean up a bit. Hey, gimme a break. I'm doing NaNoWriMo not NaHoCleMo!)

(Yes, that orange and white thing is a stuffed puppy balancing the last Hershey bar on her nose. That's Cat. She's my muse. I'll talk about her in a future post, tomorrow maybe.)

(Yes, I ate the last Hershey bar after I took the photo.)

(It was indeed delicious.)


  1. You're so brave. I wouldn't post a picture of my's totally even messier than that. LOL

    ps...the wrappers are just scars from your troubled success in writing-which is much tastier than any real woundage. :)

  2. Multiple piece bags of candy = DANGERDANGERDANGER

    But such yummy danger

  3. That looks like my space all the time...and now I want candy. Congrats on BT, and Plural, keep it up :)