Thursday, June 10, 2010

I'm Revising!

Maybe it's the venti white mocha with four shots of espresso.

Maybe it's the music, a play list of my current favorites.

Maybe it's the fact that I have all evening, distraction free, to work on my writing.

Maybe it's the great books I've read lately, inspiring me.

Maybe it's because I haven't really worked on Temper in so long I've forgotten the flaws and built up the parts that really work in my mind.

Probably it's a blend of all of these.

Either way, right now, I'm feeling rather fond of Temper, which is so nice considering my avoidance of it lately. Right now I really love it-- it's funny, the plot is solid, the characters are charming. It's... just... awesome.

And I'm going to finish it. Polish it up. And make it even awesomer (not a real word, but should be).

I'm not scared of my deadline anymore.


  1. She lives!!

    Fantastic that you are finally getting into a good mood with your revision. I wish I could steal that mood. *plots* heh heh heh

    Awesomer is not a word? *GASP* Well, it is now. =D

  2. Whoot! Go you, revise your heart out!! Good luck with Temper, break a pencil!

  3. Mmmm, did you say white mocha??? Yum!

    Good luck with Temper. I think the writing fairy has been making rounds today.:)

  4. So hurry up and get it finished...find an agent...and get it published so I run to the bookstore and read it already!!!!!

    :) I'm glad your in a happy place!

  5. That's awesome news! I'm loving the positivity too.

    Good luck with the revisions!

  6. Awesome! I was beginning to wonder where you'd disappeared to. I'm glad you've got your mojo back!

  7. I love those times when the environment is conducive to writing and I'm in the mood to write.

  8. I wondered why I kept missing your posts (other than the posting time).

    Good luck with the revisions. :D

  9. Good luck with the revisions! Liking your work is always a good thing. :)

  10. Congrats! I'm glad you're feeling positive about your story again. :)

    And - double congrats: you've won a blog award!