Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Are You Guys Tired Of Me Talking About Revisions Yet?

I've been revising so much lately, it's consuming my life.

Good news: I finished my round of revisions and sent it out to a couple betas.

Bad news: Now I have more revisions to do.

Beta feedback elicits two basic responses from me:

1. Oh my god, that's brilliant, why didn't I think of that? It's going to make the book so much better!
2. More revisions?????? *Slams head against wall repeatedly*

So that's pretty much where I am right now. The critique I got is going to require a lot of hard work, but it's so dead on I can't really argue against it. Remember when I was getting sick of Temper and couldn't pinpoint why so I just set it aside for a month? Well, the changes I need to make will fix all the things that bothered me about the ms before.

Unfortunately, these changes are really big. Like, adding-a-plot-line big. Basically, I have to completely rewrite the first two chapters, and add at least three major scenes throughout. Not to mention lots of little changes to make sure the whole novel flows with this new story line.

So, yes. Lots of work for Kat to do. Tell me about your revisions. Have you ever added or deleted a whole plot line from your story? How did that work out for you?


  1. Oh you poor, poor dear. Yes, I've added, changed and destroyed major plot lines. LOTS OF WORK! :0) But worth it.

  2. Removing an entire plot-line is much easier than adding one (in my experience). When you add one you have to weave it into the story in such a way that it appears seemless, and not tacked on. It does require and lot of work and attention to detail, but your just the person to tackle it. You love your book and your willing to do what you must to make it exceptional.

  3. Dude! I'm totally typing up my notes for you this minute (well, not this precise minute.)

    How excited are you?

    (Laughs like an evil monster!)

  4. Tired of you talking about revisions? Only to the point where I want to devour you alive in hope that some of your efficiency will rub off on me.

  5. Hiya Kat! Of course we're not tired of hearing about your revisions. Don't be silly.

    I just sent off my MS to my betas for the first time. And I'm anxious, and relieved, and panicky, and dreading their responses. I know I'm going to have the same reactions you have:

    1. That's brilliant!
    2. Crap!

    I haven't added a new plot before, but once I did add in a new secondary character that really shook things up. I had to add in references throughout the story, plus a few new scenes. It was SO much work, but the book is way better for it.

    You can do it!

  6. I'm doing the same thing, revising. I really thought I was done months ago, but I wasn't.

    I've added a whole plot line to my story. It's not easy stuff since it involves a good chunk of the manuscript, rather than a few scenes.