Monday, February 1, 2010

February Goalsies

It's that time again!

1. Write 30K on any projects
(More than 1K/day, but I need to play catch up after my month of slacking.)

2. Fix Blood Ties
(Delete the parts that need deleting, add the character that needs adding, and just generally fix the story up to where I am. No extra words, just some repairs and polishing so it's ready for more words.)

3. Write 10 blog posts this month
(Finish the Writing Process series, and hold a super awesome contest when I reach 100 followers [which will hopefully be this month-- I'm only five away! Tell your friends.])

4. Comment on friends' blogs more
(If you leave me a comment, I will visit your blog and return the favor. No exceptions. Yell at me if I don't.)

5. Read 8 books
(At least one from this list, and one from this list.)

6. Turn twenty-two!
(This is easy, assuming the apocalypse holds off for one more week.)

7. There is no seventh goal, but I have a strange affinity for prime numbers

Moving on...

Blood Ties @ 61,296 (Ha! One more word than last month. Guess I did write on it a little.)
Temper @ 19,468

Okay. It's 9 PM and I have to write 1K.

Later guys!

What are your goals this month?


  1. good goals. I think one of my goals is to write my goals down and post them like you did! Having it in writing is always a good thing. My main goal though is to polish chapters 1-12 on my WIP and in March polish 13-25. Query in April. It sounds good in my mind, but if I can execute it, who knows!

  2. Great goals. Mine for this month are: rewrite my first novel ('cause it is the one that I have progressed with most), work on writing short stories, try to keep my blog posts fairly regular (I'm knew to the blogging scene - it rocks!) and also to network with fellow writers.

  3. My goals are pretty similar to yours, except I have little to no expectation to get any of them done in their entirety. Sigh. But for the sake of being motivated, I want to: finish the first draft of my novel (which equals about 25,000 more words), read two books, write everyday, and finish my schoolwork with some kind of haste. I really do hate Chemistry.