Friday, August 28, 2009

New Approach

I'm trying something different with TEMPER. Before, I could never write scenes out of order. *Gasp* the horror! How can I NOT write chronologically? I can't skip this scene and move on to the next- the next scene can't happen yet, because the prior scene hasn't happened yet.

But that was with UNTOUCHED. And for some reason, I'm finding it much easier to wrap my head around separate scenes in TEMPER. Possibly because I'm writing it in 3rd person, and it is somewhat detached. Not as personal. Not as intimate. UT was also very character driven, while TEMPER is very plot driven.

So I'm trying something different. Since I already have the whole story outlined, I'm going to write a very very detailed synopsis of the whole story. Like, 40 pages, 12K words detailed. Then I'm going to fill in the scenes and flush it out and piece it together like a puzzle.

Or, at least, I'm going to try. I'm not quite sure how well this is going to work out. I wont be going from start to finish, I won't be working from chapter one to chapter twenty. I'm going to look at it as a whole, complete work. It's going to be weird. It's going to be different. But I think, in the end, it's going to be really good.

We shall see.

Oh, and next week I'm going to try something new with the blog. My blogging has been sporadic and scarce at best. So next week I'm going to blog Monday through Friday. 5 posts. In a row.

Man, I'm all sorts of crazy these days.

Have a good weekend!



  1. I'm a chronological writer as well. I'll be interested to see how your new method works out for you. Sometimes I wonder if jumping to a new scene when I'm stuck on another might help to get things going again.

  2. Good luck with trying new things! Sometimes that's the best thing to do.

  3. I'm a chronological writer, too. I just can't write things out of order. I get so mixed up.

    Best of luck with the trying of new things! :D

  4. I have a few friends who write in disjointed scenes and then tie it all together brilliantly. Why not? If your inclination is telling you to do it - then you should. Will you report how it goes to us?

  5. I'm a chronological writer as well. I keep wanting to jump back and forth, but I'm not sure I'd be much good at it. Plus, I don't outline so that might be half my dilemma.
    Good luck with writing out of order. Looking forward to your five posts this week :)