Tuesday, August 11, 2009

I'm Not Dead

Hi guys! I've been slacking on the blogging lately. I know, I'm a horrible person. But it's summer, and I've been busy with real life. Weird, huh? I have been keeping up with all the blogs I follow, opening my Google Reader to 60-ish posts a day. Yeah, that's been keeping me busy too.

I haven't had much news to share on the querying front. I sent out a batch of 10 queries today, and yes, sadly, that took up most of my day. I'm really scarily obsessive over making sure my queries are perfect and I follow the guidelines exactly, so it takes me a long time to send each one. I personalize all of them, and double check that I've included any sample pages or a synopsis if that is part of the specific agent's guidelines.

(Oh, yeah, I'll say it again. I love Querytracker.net. Seriously. I think anyone going through the query process should use this amazing organizational tool. It makes everything so much easier.)

I've had two partial requests so far, one was a reject, the other I'm still awaiting a response. I've gotten a handful of query rejects, but that's the way this writing life is. I'm not too heartbroken, this is a business after all, and I have faith I'll find the perfect agent for me. Eventually. Hopefully.

On the writing front, it seems I am taking after Lisa and Laura. That's right, I am officially an idea whore. I can't stick to just one, and last week I was hit with a *new* idea. And it's really good! It's about a teen girl who can assume other people's identities (talk about an identity crisis). I've outlined the whole story, and I really like the direction it's going. But I'm still torn. Guess I'm still playing the field until one of these ideas can convince me to settle down. (Or maybe a new one will come along and sweep me off my feet.)

So yes, that is what I've been up to lately. How are you guys? How are your writing projects coming along?



  1. I'm distracted by any shiny new idea as well. I'm kind of settled down now, but when a good idea for a short story or poem comes along I tend to follow it blindly.

  2. So glad you're still around! I miss your lovely face on my blog, but hey, it's summer after all. Good luck with those queries. It sounds like you're keeping up with it all. Querytracker is a great resource!

  3. i think the way you do querys is perfect! hang in there.