Monday, June 6, 2011

One Week

I'm a planner. I find I just work better with a specific order of tasks. Maybe it's all the years of juggling last minute homework assignments (I can do math during biology, English during math, and then I'll ditch gym to do this psych report). Maybe it's all the years of working in a restaurant (I need to greet table 21, put in this order, drop off this bill, then bring ranch to table 11.) It's kind of become a habit at this point.

But I don't always stick to the plans. It's just a security thing. It's like the way I outline-- I need to start with a map showing me how to get from point A to point B. But if I leave point A and find a different better route along the way, you bet I'm taking it. The plan isn't set in stone. It's just something to fall back on if needed.

(I also plan other things, like what I would use as a weapon in the zombie apocalypse, or what window would be the best to jump from if the front door was on fire.)(I don't know why the front door is on fire. Maybe I pissed off my neighbors. Or maybe it was the zombies! They're evolving, adapting. We're gonna need bigger weapons.)

Anyway. I also plan my writing schedule. My old plan was:
1) Final revisions off beta feedback
2) Final read
3) Query

My new plan?
1) Final revisions off beta feedback
2) Pause
3) Final read
4) Query

I don't want to rush. Two years ago I queried my first ms before it was ready. Even though it's a very well known piece of advice-- DON'T QUERY UNTIL YOU'RE READY. (DUH.)

I guess it was just one of those things I had to learn myself, experience myself. It was my first completed ms. I wanted so badly to get it out there! I queried with the hope that an agent would see beyond its flaws and offer rep and help me fix it. And every time an agent requested a partial or full, I would spend the day re-reading and editing before sending it off.

Um. Yeah. I was kinda clueless.

This time when I query, I'm going to be totally sure that what I'm sending out is the best thing I can send out.

And right now I'm feeling like it's really close. I'm excited about it. I'm confident about it. I'll finish my final revisions, I'll polish it and make it shine and get it to the point that I would query it.

And then I'll put it aside for a week. One week. Then after a week of not thinking about the ms, I'll do a final read. My goal is to do this final read and not feel compelled to change anything. If I can do that, then I'll be ready.

One week.

It's not a long time, but I think it's just enough of a pause to be sure.

I mean, I've already spent eight months on the thing. I can wait one more week.

Now I just have to come up with a plan for that week of waiting. I'm thinking it will involve reading books. Lots and lots and lots of books. Yeah. Good plan.


  1. That's a brilliant plan, and one I'm plan to do too. :D

    My we get smarter with each ms that we write.

  2. I can relate to the comfort of planning. I work much better when I have something as a plan that can be revised instead of trying to wing-it.

  3. I'm a planner too - obsessively so sometimes. :p Those pauses are always important for me. It usually takes me a couple months, at least, to gave enough objective distance from a piece to really see its faults clearly.

  4. It really sounds like a great plan! I'm bad at plans too, I never stick to them. But this sounds like a really great one!

  5. I'm making a bunch of plans, gearing for the summer since I have it off (I'm a teacher).

    I was a premature query-er at one time.

  6. Hey just thought i would check out your blog, it's cool.