Sunday, January 9, 2011

Whoa, January

So it's January, I suppose. Kinda swept in here all quiet like.

December was a whirlwind of Real Life Events, hence the lack of blogging. And writing. And doing anything productive, really.

And then I brought in the New Year with a case of Imploding Head Sickness, which rendered me unable to perform basic tasks like breathing through my nose and sleeping without waking every ten minutes to cough. I couldn't even concentrate fully on Buffy, let alone work on my wip.

But now I'm feeling better. Still a little head-coldy, but I'm halfway through Buffy season six, so I am making progress.

Revisions are painful. I've decided to work on this project until it is DONE, which is something I haven't really done before. Sure I've finished drafts, I've revised and revised and beta'd and revised some more, and I've even queried.

But I've never felt like any of my projects were actually done DONE to the point that I felt they no longer needed work. So that's my goal now. I want to really put the effort into this. I don't want the story to be I-guess-I'll-query-to-get-some-feedback-on-how-to-fix-the-bad-parts done. I want it to be DONE. For reals.

This month will be all about revising, and trying to get a solid working draft that I can send out to beta readers.

What have you guys been up to? Hope your holidays were fun, and here's to a great year!


  1. Hi! I like your blog, but I usually lurk : P

    I'm in revisions too , and I had this great plan on how to do them, but now I'm not sure at what point they will be done. It feels like I can keep tweaking infinitely. Good luck to you!

  2. Woo! You can do it, Kat. You have to. Because I want to read it and soon.

  3. Everyone is sick! I hope you feel better soon!