Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Six Reasons I Don't Blog

In order from least to most likely.

6. I'm actually, legitimately busy with real life and do not have computer access.
Honestly, on any given day, I have AT LEAST five hours of uninterrupted computer time. (I know, I should be putting out like a book a month.)

5. I am WRITING and it is going WELL!
This almost never happens, but when it does I am quite happy to say eff blogging because the words are flowing and my story is actually making sense and oh, I just love it so much!

4. I have nothing interesting to say.
I am of the idea that you shouldn't blog just to blog. Who wants to read something you barely wanted to write in the first place? And while I do believe that having a blog and online presence is important, I will say this: I have NEVER not bought a book because the author didn't have a blog, but I have lost interest in a book because the author was kinda annoying with the self-promotion and pointless posts just to fill in a M-F schedule.

3. I used up all my clever on emails to my crit partners.
I have somehow convinced these people that I am humorous, so it takes some work to keep it up. Also, I tend to ramble. A lot. Just ask Jade. Seriously, though, we get into the longest, FUNNIEST email chains, and I need a loooong time to write each one. I mean, it takes me like 10 minutes to write each tweet because I keep revising and revising and revising until I realize that the moment has passed and it's not even funny anymore and then I have to come up with something new.

2. I'm procrastinating.
Youtube, reading, watching TV, alphabetizing my bookshelves, organizing the refrigerator, reading blogs, counting stars, browsing amazon, watching the moon wane, refreshing twitter, wandering around the apartment aimlessly, reading web comics, blowing really big bubbles with gum, indoor cartwheels (bad idea, FYI), deciding I need arbitrary items like a new desk lamp or a passport or In-N-Out before I can bring myself to write, and MANY MORE!

1. I'm lazy.
And Buffy is on Netflix instant stream. But mostly the lazy thing.


  1. I think these are all brilliant reasons not to blog. I'd have several books written by now if I didn't blog. But I've found numerous benefits from blogging, so I'm not ready to quit.

    You have to do what you need to do. I do, though, enjoy it when you do the occasional post. It's always entertaining. :D

  2. Oh well, as long as the writing is going well, blogging can always wait.

  3. Thanks for the uplifting post. All my excuses were super lame. I'm swiping yours. Now a huge millstone of guilt is lifted, and I am free.

    Also, I dropped by camera in the ocean shortly after my last post - very important illustration tool for the zaniness I endure on the beach.

  4. Dude. Our email chains are epic. I especially love the random CAPS usage in abrupt topic changes.

    Also, I think you shouldn't blog so you can write more because then I get to read more. YAY!!

  5. Can I steal your list? Not like I need any more excuses not to blog, but your list is kind of perfect.

    I just moseyed over here from Jade's blog (and just learned how to spell moseyed). So hi!

  6. That last one really made me laugh! HAHA! That's so me!

  7. So, we should assume that none of the six were in-force when you wrote this blog? :)

    So glad to see you posting again!