Saturday, January 30, 2010

Good Things Happen To Those Who Blog

We interrupt this (slow moving) Writing Process series to present a TRUE STORY from KAT'S REAL LIFE.

I always told myself that one day when I started posting regular book reviews, had enough blog traffic to mean something, and mustered up enough courage, I would write a note to a couple publishers asking for some ARCs to review on my blog.

Of course, after reading on blogs like the Story Siren about how many people ask for ARCs, my courage waned. I mean, ARCs are rare. They're expensive. Sometimes the authors themselves only get a few copies. Publishers want to hand them out to bloggers like Kristi at the Story Siren (with 1400 followers).

So when I wrote a post earlier this month about the top 10 books I was looking forward to in 2010, I didn't think too much of it. I knew most of my blog followers would read it, I hoped a couple of the authors might stop by (some did! Gotta love Google Alerts), but I never expected that one little blog post would draw one big publisher my blog.

The senior publicist of HarperCollins found my blog post by searching for Before I Fall. She noticed that the book was on my top 10 anticipated book list. And then-- get this-- she wrote me a lovely little email message me asking if I would like an ARC of Before I Fall.

I thought it would be unprofessional to say "HELL YES", so instead I wrote back saying I would love that, and she replied that she'd send it along. No obligations, no strings-- all she asked is that if I do choose to review it, to please forward her the link.

Needless to say, I'm thrilled. This is like a book blogger fairy tale or something, eh? Right up there with the dream that a rock star agent will be cruising unknown aspiring author blogs (because they always do that), read an excerpt they love, and send an email out of the blue requesting a full or something.

Anyway, that's my Awesome Occurrence of the week.

My advice for you: If you like something, let it be known. You never know who's out there listening.

<3 Kat


  1. That is AWESOME! I'm smiling for you! Hopefully one day that will happen to me, or something similar!

  2. How Amazing!!! You're right, you never know who is watching!!!! :)

  3. How wickedly cool! I hope you enjoy Before I fall!

  4. Woo hoo! That is so awesome. Congrats! And I'll be waiting for your review. :D

  5. it's it the best feeling ever.... and it never gets old!