Tuesday, October 13, 2009

NaNoWriMo: The Plural of Love

Sooo I was going to do pirates. I was set on it. But then I got this idea... what if a girl fell in love with a boy with multiple identity disorder? What would happen when he switched into an alter identity? Would she love him, too? How would she deal with his changes? Could she deal?

I posted a thread in the NaNo forums (Which, even if you aren't doing NaNo, is the greatest place to chat with other writers, and do research for things you might not be able to find elsewhere). Anyway, the thread I created got some great feedback, and I started researching online, and went to the library, and not only is dissociative identity disorder (DID) really fascinating, but I think it will make a very nice character driven novel.

So here's my log line:

After a (possible) suicide attempt, sixteen-year-old Clare meets a boy with dissociative identity disorder in therapy and falls in love with him... and several of his alter identities.

And here is the little banner I made for my signature on the NaNo forums:

I haven't created the word doc for it yet, but I'll admit, I do have a lot of scenes and dialogue already scribbled down in short hand notes. And I came up with the first paragraph in my head a couple days ago, so when Nathan's 1st paragraph contest arose I couldn't resist.

(Also, side note, to GhostFolk who saw my paragraph entry and liked it so much they felt the need to click over to my blog and tell me on my last blog post-- you totally made my day :D )

Anyway, my point is head over to Nathan's blog and enter an opening paragraph from your favorite WIP. You've got nothing to lose, and you can win an ARC of The Secret Year and a signed bookmark! Oh, yeah, you also get Nathan to critique a partial or query, but you know, whatever. Oh, and he did totally end up repping the winner of the paragraph contest last year. But, BOOKMARK!!

Okay. I'm done now. That is all.

Thank you and goodnight!




    How did you make it? I am eternally fascinated by people who are computer-graphic-savvy.

  2. Sarah-- it was actually super easy with photoshop! I found the picture on flickr by searching "love". The faded/transparency effect was already done, and as soon as I saw it I knew it was perfect for my idea. I just cropped, added text and was good to go.

  3. I love your banner, I know the whole cliché is never ever judge a book by its cover but if that was a book cover I'd buy it in a heart beat. And I love the idea, so creative! I wish I was able to do stuff with my computer...

  4. I love the idea, and love the picture!!!


  5. For some reason, was having trouble signing in. LOL

  6. Kat, the logline is really good. The story sounds quite interesting. Good luck with it.