Monday, May 11, 2009


Working on Untouched, about 61K and still writing.

Have you ever had that moment where the perfect most amazing story direction comes to you? When I first started on Untouched, I made a basic chapter-by-chapter outline with a few sentences scribbled down for each chapter. Just an overview of what I wanted to happen in each chapter, and how the story would progress.

When I started writing I realized that this story wouldn't be finished with just one book. I started thinking of how to carry on the story through a possible sequel and figured that it would probably end up as a trilogy (the fantasy genre does love those trilogies). So over the course of writing the first book, I sketched out the entire plot of the second one. But I didn't have any finalized idea of what would occur in the third book, or what the big finish at the end of the trilogy would be.

So tonight, as I was writing an interaction between my MC and the antagonist of the series, it came to me. The perfect final conflict, the perfect final confrontation that will wrap up the entire series of events, that explained everything that happened throughout the books.

Because as I write the characters are taking over, coloring themselves on the page and demanding attention. The characters are alive on the page, and driving the story in deliciously unexpected ways. And as I write of the first time the protagonist and antagonist meet- they show themselves to me, and in a moment I can see the entire arc of their relationship, how they balance each other, how they oppose each other- and what happens in their future that makes their story worth telling.

I'm super excited about writing right now, it's nice to get back into it. :)


  1. *Such* a cool feeling! (Though, I've still not quite resigned myself to the fact it won't all fit in one book.)

    Love your summary sentence, BTW. Perfect hook.

  2. Sorry, that came out wrong. You sound much more organized than I.

    I meant my own work, of course, when I talked about not being resigned.

  3. I hate being left on a precipice too. HAHA. I have found that in writing if you want the characters to be real you have to become them as much as possible (within the confines of natural and moral laws of course). Nice blog.