Friday, July 1, 2011

New Story

I'm officially starting a new book today, though it's not a new idea. In fact... *searches notes for date* it seems I had the original idea for this story sometime around June 20th, 2010. Just over a year ago.

Most of my ideas come about this way. They hit me, I develop them a little, then I set them aside. Months or even years later I find myself drawn to the story again. Maybe I've thought of something that will make it EPIC. Maybe I finally realized who should really be narrating. Or maybe I'm smashing two old ideas together to create something shiny and new.

This is just how I work. Apparently. It's been this way for everything I've written. The book I just finished had the longest gap-- the original idea came to me in 2008 and I just finished it in June 2011. Yeah.

So now I'm writing Seven Days. It's young adult fantasy (of course) and I'm really excited about it. It's all planned and plotted (side note: I LOVE SCRIVENER) and I'm hoping to get a complete draft down in four months: July, Aug, Sept, Oct. That way I can set it aside and draft something new in November. That's right, I'm already planning NaNoWriMo.

So far I have about 3K words down. I've been playing with the opening scenes these last few weeks to keep my mind off of STUFF *cough querying cough* and I'm happy with what I have so far!

My goal for July is to get Seven Days to 20K words. Totally manageable, especially with the help of my lovely assistants, Scrivener and caffeine. I CAN DO ANYTHING.

Okay. Time to write.

What are your summer writing plans? I AM CURIOUS.


  1. You JUST finished a book and you're starting a new one? I envy your motivation. Seriously, I'm glaring at you across the interwebs right now.

    At this moment I'm working on a "short story" (in reality it's probably more of a novella). It's a romance/mystery/medical drama type deal, and I love the concept so far. My biggest obstacle is the pacing... there's a lot of background information I have to get in without suffocating my poor readers.

  2. love the motivation, and I'm totally jealous. I always have trouble starting up again once I've finished. As for me I'm writing whenever I get the chance, most notable when I'm on break from work. This whole "working before college" thing is so not fun...

  3. Hi Kat!
    A few days ago I watched your vlog audition for YA Rebels, and I'm just commenting to wish you luck!!

    - Kelly