Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Eyelashes and Macbooks

Have you guys ever heard of making wishes with eyelashes? When one of your eyelashes falls off, you put it on your fingertip, make a wish, then blow it away. Like a dandelion. Or birthday candles.

Last night, I made a wish on an eyelash. I wished for a new laptop.

About 12 hours later I had one.

But only because about 1 hour after making the wish my desktop computer exploded with death and viruses and mayhem. I lost everything-- pictures, music, videos, bookmarks. I didn't lose any writing, though (THANK GOD-- Back up your work, do it right now, do it again later).

I was computer-less. And I needed a computer. So I had to replace it.

I've been wanting a Mac for a while. I was going to get one last year for NaNoWriMo but I wanted to wait until I could just outright buy it instead of charge it. I planned to get it for myself for Christmas, but I didn't have the money then. I planned to get it for myself in Feb, for my birthday, but I didn't have the money then, either. Finally I planned to get one as celebration when I got an agent or a book deal or something fun like that.

So while I am happy that I have a new laptop, I'm not totally thrilled that I got it because my $3000 desktop exploded and I had to replace it.

And the morals of the story are:
Be careful what you wish for. Ha.
Eyelashes are powerful magic. Apparently.
PCs are stupid. Or at least that's what the guy at the Mac store told me.

Now I'm off to play with Photo Booth and Scrivener some more.



  1. I keep telling myself I'll get a Mac when I get a book deal. I don't know if I can wait that long!

  2. I already expressed my tech envy on Twitter. I went back and forth a couple months ago about getting a Mac but I optedto wait. I told myself I'd get one when I publish my first book. I don't know if I can wait that long!!

  3. Love my Mac. Sometimes I'll randomly pet it. And now I must go save stuff...

  4. PC's are stupid. I love my Mac!

    I always make wishes on eyelashes. Cause I'm cool like that. :)