Monday, September 13, 2010

Writing Plans

So, we're only halfway through September and I'm already thinking about NaNoWriMo. Last year was my first year participating in NaNo, and I really liked it. I got A LOT of writing done, because crazy me decided to work on two books during that time, writing 1K/day on a Blood Ties, a book I started in September, and writing the NaNo 1.7K/day on a new project called Plural of Love. So, yeah, I was writing 2.7K words a day and I got a lot done.

But... I kind of burned myself out. I stopped working on Blood Ties about halfway though the month, and that book currently stands unfinished at 60K. And even though I got to 50K (and won NaNo!) on Plural, I ended up deleting the last 30K words or so because they were just all wrong. That book currently stands unfinished at 20K (But I really love the 20K words I have there.)

So this year I want to do NaNo again but I'm going to write a more outlined book. (I was pretty much pantsing Plural, and I am so a plotter. I need my order and structure. I need to know what happens next.) I'm still debating which idea I'll write for NaNo, but it's between a YA historical fantasy, a YA contemporary, and three different YA fantasies. Ha. Yeah, lots of ideas, no clear favorite yet.

I also have a goal before NaNo: I want to finish the draft of the current story I'm working on, The Cure. I have about a month and a half, and it's only at 7K words so I do have a ways to go. But I'm trying to "train" for NaNo by writing everyday (trying to write 1K/day) so it's not too hard to get into the habit of writing 1.7k/day in November.

Lately I've been doing timed writing sessions. (I totally got the idea from the awesome Beth Revis.) Basically, I set a timer for 30 minutes, write straight though for that time, and when the timer goes off I stop. Then I get a 15 minute break to check twitter and blogger and email and grab a snack or whatever. Then when the 15 minutes are up, I do another 30 minute session. So far my writing sessions have been really productive, I've been trying to turn off my inner editor and just keep writing, and in each 30 min session I average about 800 words. So, an hour of writing with a 15 min break between and there's my 1.7K words NaNo goal right there.

With that in mind, these are my writing plans for the rest of the year:
Sept & Oct: Write The Cure
Nov: Write as-of-yet undetermined NaNo novel
Dec: Finish up The Cure and/or NaNo novel and decide which to revise next

I still have a goal of finishing three drafts this year. Temper is done, so that's one down. Hopefully I can finish these two drafts and meet that goal. Otherwise, come December, I'm going to sit down with Blood Ties (at 60K words) and just finish the thing. Hey, maybe I'll do that anyway.

What are your writing plans for the rest of the year?
Are you doing NaNo? Do you know what you want to write about yet?


  1. This'll be my third year of NaNo. I have a project that's ready to be started, and I won't have time to finish it before November, so I'm shelving it for later and working on short stories 'till mid-October, when I'm going to start plotting for NaNo.

    Plans. I haz them. ;)

  2. You are a machine...a cute machine...but still a machine!!! :)

  3. Sounds like you will be busy writing--I like your aggressive approach.

    Since I just blog, my intentions are four posts per week--some original works and others commentary.

  4. I can't wait for Nano!!! But it is better to go in with some kind of outline, or else you'll get lost in the thousands of words.

    Good luck.

  5. I definitely plan on doing Nano this year! Last year was my first go at it and I found it super helpful in booting my butt into gear. Now, if only I had an idea to develop...

  6. Don't forget to factor in email-writing time. This is very important. Perhaps even more important than writing the books.

  7. This'll be my third year of NaNoWriMo, and I really need it because it motivates me to write. I'm currently writing on an novel which I know I won't be able to finish before NaNo, so I'm going to rebel and continue it anyway. If that's done, but I'm not at 50K yet, I'm going to start the sequel for which I have a very, very vague idea. I just hope school won't get in the way during November as much as right now, especially since my first week is test week so I'll need the next three weeks to do some serious catching up.

  8. My writing plans-- finish my WiP#1 but it may not be done till next year so maybe at least pick a first chapter. I've written so many I can't decide.
    I have not participated in NaNo. Sounds interesting though.

  9. Good luck with your plans! Way to be ambitious. :) I'm hoping to finish my first draft by the end of September, and finish the book by the end of the year-- then start querying!

  10. I think I might have to try those 30 minute writing sessions. And I'm so looking forward to NaNo...but I'm not sure if I can wait until November to work on the story idea I have in my head.

  11. This is also my second year participating in NaNoWriMo and last year except for having the VAGUEST outline ever, I was pantsing it all the way.

    This year I'm trying to plan a bit more. So I have a lot of work to do in October. I also want to try and finish the rewrite of one novel and the first draft of another but I think that first draft is going to have to wait until December.