Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Revision Diaries (8)

I caved. I'm taking a break from The Temper.

I'm a little bummed that it's going to take that much longer, but really, this is the best thing for me right now. I'll set it aside for a couple weeks and come back ready to work!

It was just getting too tedious. Editing the thing was like a chore, and not a fun-ish chore ike doing laundry but a chore that you dread like scrubbing the toilet and the shower. I really didn't like having negative feelings about my novel. And you know what? I'm already liking it better. I'm still thinking about it, but a break from the words is going to do wonders. When I read it with fresh eyes, I'll see the problems I couldn't see before.

I do worry a bit that I'll set it down and never come back to it, but I'm not too worried. The story still makes me happy, it just needs a little work, and I just need a little break before I can work it anymore.

I am debating on starting a new story or not. There's always THE INFECTED, my zombie novel. And then there's BLOOD TIES, the castles + magic novel which is already standing at a solid 60K. Not to mention the very long list of other ideas I have (currently brewing on an alien/sci-fi idea). Still undecided though, so we shall see.

How's your writing project going right now?
How do you decide what to work on next when you have many ideas?


  1. I vote for going on with your new novel for a bit. Sketch out the broad canvas of the journey. Focus in the characters, their interactions, the crises that forge them together or drive them apart.

    When you do get back to your revising, you will find that you come back to it with fresh eyes, seeing it with a bit more objectivity than you are now.

    Just a suggestion, Roland

  2. I agree--laundry is so no big deal, but scrubbing showers? Major pain. Hee! Just had to share.

    Regarding revisions, fresh eyes can do wonders--it's true. Enjoy your break, and good luck when you tackle those revisions! :)

  3. Take a break and work on something new. Doing that has been the best decisions I've made. I started working on my new story and it's going fabulous! A little slower then I would like, but that's life. :)

  4. Ooh a zombie novel! Sounds interesting! Like you, I've got a list of ideas so when I finish my WIP I won't have to wonder at what to write next. The hard part is choosing which idea to focus on. Try to pick something you can get really passionate about. At least, that's what I try to do.

  5. I feel your pain, Kat.

    Taking a break from one project to work on another is a great idea. When you go back to Temper, the problems and solutions will jump out at you. :)

  6. I vote zombie book. Who doesn't love a good one of those? Plus, they're getting more popular these days. Could zombies become the next vampire??? Hmm...I can't say I see a zombie version of Edward Cullen or Stefan Salvatore, but you never know. ;)