Saturday, July 11, 2009

Lazy Saturday

I got my first query rejection the other day. So far I have only gotten one other rejection, on a partial.

Queries: 7 sent- 2 partial requests, 1 rejection, 4 pending
Partials: 2 sent- 1 rejection, 1 pending

Soooo I'm waiting for responses from 1 partial, and 4 queries. And throughout this process, has been my best friend. Seriously, this is a fantastic tool for querying- it records what agencies you've sent queries/partials/fulls to, what the response was, and is just generally fabulous for organizational purposes.

I plan on sending out more queries this week. (Query widely and don't give up, right?) I'm just taking things a bit slow, I want to make sure I'm sending out my best work, and if I get more partial rejections and no full requests, then I'll know something isn't working there and I'll have to fix it. We shall see.

My question for you: Do you have a dream agent? You know, the one you would say absolutely yes to if they ever offered rep? And if so, would you query them first because they're your first choice? Or would you wait to query them until after being rejected by others and fixing any problems to make sure they are getting your absolute best? Just curious...

Hope your weekend is going well!


  1. I would say yes in an instant to a number of agents, but my dream agent would probably be Nathan Bransford. And I don't know if I'd send to him first or last. That's a toughy . . .

    Good luck with the rest of your queries!!

  2. I'm not on the agent hunt yet. But I have a few agents in mind depending on the next book I write. None of them really specialize in the same thing. :)

    Good luck querying!

  3. I'm not in the market for an agent - yet. I believe I would go with my dream agent first, get it out of the way. If said dream agent rejected me, I'd shoot my cpu and go fishing. Kidding.

    I'd rather go with my dream agent's critique and fix whatever needs fixing. I think...

  4. i would say that your query is kick-butt if you've netted two partials w/ 7 queries. kudos to you!!

    elizabeth lyons, who's far wiser that I, advises a 30% return: if 3 out of 10 agents are requesting, you're golden. if not, then tweak your query letter.

    congrats & good luck!