Thursday, March 5, 2009


Untouched word count @ 42,900. Man, I'm exceeding my daily goals now. Nice!

So I've decided that Thursday is a random day; not quite the weekend, but still on the downward slant from the work week. So today my blog post is going to be a bit random.

See, I have about a dozen college ruled notebooks laying around my apartment: in the bedroom, in the living room, surrounding my computer, and I think there's one in the kitchen right now. I keep writing implements with all of them, so whenever an idea strikes I can scribble it down in a notebook and make sense of it later. Only some ideas are so random I can't make sense of it later. I thought I would share some with the blogging world. :p

Random #1: These are some random titles that I've thought of, but never outlined a story to go along with them. For whatever reason the title struck me as cool, but the awesome plot hasn't followed... yet.
1. "The Midnight Mistake" (Involving a masquerade ball and a midnight mystery kiss.)
2. "Served!" (About working in a restaurant. So love this title.)
3. "That's What She Said" (A woman who writes for a popular men's magazine. Her column is titled 'That's What She Said' and it gives advice to men about women.)
4. "Dreamweaver" (About a girl with power over other people's dreams.)
5. "Wanted" (A futuristic story in which a bounty hunter is strangely moral.)

Random #2: Random plot lines with no title! Some of them I might just use, some of them I must have scribbled down when I was zoned out on NyQuil.
1. Girl Messiah who doesn't know her own powers accidentally cures a terminally ill boy and the secret's out!
2. Every time Girl sleeps with a guy he proposes... to someone else! Kind of like 'Good Luck Chuck' but without the SUCK.
3. "Perfect World" - The government has a scary new ideal of what the world should be like, and unfortunately we're too imperfect, so they bring in the genetically altered 'perfect' humans to replace us.
4. "Until the End of Time" - a girl is stuck in a time loop that gets increasingly smaller and must correct it before time freezes altogether.
5. Room Raiders-esque TV crew invades the house of a boy, not knowing he's in witness protection. Now he's being escorted across the country as criminals try their luck at the bounty on his head.

Random #3 Statements and scribbles that, when taken out of context, are pretty hilarious.
1. ...Like 'Twilight' but with better characters, better writing and elves- sexy Orlando Bloom elves.
2. Wha-ha-how-ow... uh, ok. Um. What?
3. Takes crush to fanciest ass restaurant in town. And that's where the FBI agents apprehend him.
4. Robertsons Mart. No apostrophe. Even though the guy who owns the place is named 'Robertson'. We're in the middle of an apostrophe shortage here people! It's a grammar war out there!
5. Britney Spears' PR people are amazing. Her comeback-- seriously??

And that is all for now. Hope you got a laugh or two!

<3 Kat


  1. I LOVE your Twilight mention, hehehehe, and the Room Raiders idea. Don't like the title, but I love the idea! Thanks for some random fun!

  2. Haha, brilliant! My notebooks are just that scary too. The mind of a writer is a scary, scary place.

  3. I understand the random notebooks problem. At some point I sat down (my compulsive organizing behavior kicked in) and I typed them all up and put them in catagories and files that make more sense.

    Unfortunately, I think some ideas just have to be written when they strike you because what seemed like a brilliant idea sometimes later lacks its fire... Have you ever had that happen? You knew it was a good idea, but without your muse screaming it in your ear, it just won't come out right...

  4. I used to try to keep up, but now I just give up on trying to record stuff like this. I think it's really great to do, but my world can't stand anymore disorganization.

    The think John Lennon wrote I Am The Walrus based on putting together all of his random thoughts.

  5. I have random notes like that do. I create word documents, and try to organize my notes in some way. I also have a word document of book ideas and five to six sentences descriptions of each.

  6. For some reason the "Perfect World," hit me,and I immediately saw it in my mind as a screen play. Do you write scripts too? You have so many ideas, good for you.

  7. ....was it 40k words in one sitting?!! WHOA-

  8. My wife's favourite was Served! But she wonders if you could find room for the Orlando Bloom elves in the story!

    And in any of the other stories you might write.