Monday, November 16, 2009


I'm still behind on both Plural and Blood Ties. It's so bad, I'm not even going to post word counts. (It's actually not that bad, I'm just tired and can't be bothered to open the docs to check out the count.)

Sooo, this is just a quick post to say that I'm taking a break from blogging this week. I thought I'd give Unplug Week a try. (Unplug Week occurs the 3rd week of every month, and all you do is unplug your internet and focus more on writing! Easy peasy.)

I'm not completely unplugging, I'll still be checking my email and updating my NaNo stats, but I'm cutting myself off from the internet and all it's procrastination temptations!


See you next Monday :)


  1. You are braver then me. I think I'd have withdrawals!

  2. Good luck with writing! Maybe I should do that too.

  3. I envy your ability to unplug. I wish I could do that.

  4. Great idea! I hadn't heard of unplug week. Am I brave enough to try it? Ummm...

    Good luck with those word counts!

  5. Good luck unplugging! Hope you get a lot of writing done. I think we're all playing catch-up this week for some reason. :)

  6. You would surely be missed, but staying unplugged does everyone a lot of good. consider it as a much needed breather to soothe your spirit and get you back in touch with the real world.