Sunday, April 5, 2009

I Have Nothing Interesting To Say

Which is why I haven't posted anything lately.

I've been writing- sort of. Untouched is only at 53K, it's hard to get back into the swing of things after taking my break to enjoy the weather.

Hopefully I have something witty to say soon.

Erm, yeah. Hopefully.


Here's an excerpt! Gwen's touch will kill James, and it's getting more and more difficult to fight her attraction to him. But maybe she ought to be fighting harder- especially when losing this dangerous game results in James' death...

* * * * *

He caught me staring at him, and he moved another half-step toward me. Our bodies were inches apart, and our faces even closer. I could feel the heat from his breath as he exhaled, keeping his eyes focused intently on mine.

“I'm not sure I can stay away from you,” I whispered. There was no need for us to be quiet, but the intimacy of the dim room made that moment feel so private, and those words were meant only for James.

“Then don't leave. Stay with me,” he said, lowering his face toward mine, our noses almost touching.

But that wasn't what I meant.

I was trying to tell him that I was loosing my battle of will. I was trying to warn him. I wasn't sure I could stop myself from touching him, from leaning forward and meeting his lips with my own.

My heart pounded against my chest as I inhaled, breathing in the warm scent of his skin. I inched my toes closer, and the space between us became smaller, and smaller and then suddenly it was far too small to be safe. With a soft sigh I tilted my face toward his.

I closed my eyes


  1. Oh! Oh! Oh! Kiss.......

    And you said you had nothing to share. This is great!

  2. Great scene! It's very well balanced and the ending is great. I really like reading other bloggers' writing. Thanks for sharing.