Monday, August 17, 2009

Tough Choices

Today, another idea hit me. And I am still so torn. It's like my muse is in overdrive- but only on the idea front. I've spent the last couple of weeks flitting between WIPs, typing a paragraph here and a couple pages there. I'm finding it really hard to choose one and invest in it. I don't think I'm going to get very far if I keep juggling all these ideas and voices and characters.

I need to choose one. ONE. And set the others aside, for now.

I'm about to open a word doc for the idea that hit me today. I'm going to try very very hard to stick with this one project. I've outlined the whole story, and I really like the idea and the way the characters are coming together in my brain. I have the next two days off work, and I plan to write as much as possible. Hopefully, I will get somewhere.

* * * * * * * * *

A little teaser of what's to come:


16-year-old Connor "The Temper" Thomas has a unique (albeit unimpressive) superpower-- he can heat or cool things with a touch of his hand. When he gets a sidekick job with the legendary superhero Captain Power, he thinks he'll be saving the world. He's less than pleased when he discovers his main responsibilities are keeping the coffee warm and acting as a human ice pack when the Captain's shoulders are sore.

When Captain Power dies during a self staged publicity act gone wrong, Connor feels pressured to assume his identity. The city needs a hero. Or at least the illusion of one. As Connor fumbles through a rescue and thwarts a heist or two, he has almost everyone fooled. Only Freezepop, another sidekick, suspects that there's something different about the Captain. But the villains believe that Captain Power still protects the city, and so they stay away.

When Freezepop discovers the truth she tries to convince Connor to go public- before he gets himself killed trying to keep up with the heroic persona. But identity theft becomes the least of Connor's worries when a super villain comes to town. Blaze Blitz is the real deal- ruthless, determined and diabolical. And he has his eyes set on Captain Power.

Connor knows he's no match for Blaze, but when Blaze kidnaps Freezepop and threatens the town, Connor knows what he must do: defeat the bad guy, rescue the girl, save the city. And hopefully survive long enough to see the sunrise.

Keeping coffee warm never seemed so preferable.

* * * * * * * * *

Oh, yeah. Get excited.


  1. Sounds like a really fun story. Good luck!

  2. Haha, that sounds awesome! Love the name Freezepop too :)

  3. delightful! and tightly written tease :)

  4. Thanks for the encouraging comments, guys! I'm looking forward to getting into this one.

  5. Both of your books sound awesome!